Jump for Singapore – PledgeSG

Had lunch with some friends yesterday at Marina Bay Sands and we saw the PledgeSG installation. Apparently you get to win $200 CapitaLand vouchers, and/or NDP goodie bags (which has lotsa vouchers and cool stuff in them) if your photos are awesome. SO WE TOOK A LOT.

According to the panel, there are five of these around town – 2 along the Marina Bay Sands stretch (where we were), one at School of the Arts, one at Raffles Place and one at the Esplanade. You can find out more at http://pledge.sg/

The Cast – Alan (photographer), LeeYen, Hebert, Theng & Me

Hebert does a Parkour

Theng Levitates Around It (click to view animation)

I took a shot using the OTHERLAND filter on tadaa!

And We All Jumped For Singapore (hahaha, looks like a ZOMBIE invasion)

LOL. If you’re in Singapore or visiting you should visit one of these as well. And don’t forget to #PledgeSG (so they can track and feature your photo), and submit it to the contest at http://pledge.sg/ to win something!


2 responses to “Jump for Singapore – PledgeSG

  1. Because there can only be ONE theng.

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