Olympic Xenophobia

Can’t say I have been proud of Singaporeans lately.

I’ve been thinking about the xenophobic reactions regarding Feng Tianwei’s win and I feel quite bad for her. The extent to which some people go to put her down is disgraceful, and is cyber bullying on a national level.

She won, representing us. The Singapore flag rose at a Olympic ceremony. So we are upset about that because?

If you don’t think it’s right, you have an issue with the sports body who made the call to send her as our representative, not the individual.

You have the right to not watch her games or support her. But to hurl insults, calling her names, and even going to the extent of rooting for her opponents (just to spite her) is a bit over the top.

I personally have my own reservations about China-Chinese. But making a sweeping judgement against anyone from China who decides to come to Singapore to carve out a living is a bit unreasonable – there are bound to be good and bad ones. Just like taxi drivers.

And how does all that cruel criticism make us look to the rest of the world? Is that the so-called national identity that we are afraid to lose, or trying to protect from these ‘immigrants’?



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