My Kindle Paperwhite

Sunday. I was late for church. It was five to eleven and my mum was at the door asking me to hurry up.

I rummaged through my bag, looking for my wallet and keys. It was a mess of shopping packages, big and small. A red lipstick. A random something that caught my eye. Some movie tickets. And then there was a black box. A black box.

I didn’t remember buying anything in a black box. So I took it out to have a closer look. On the top, in gloss was “Amazon”. Did I buy a book from Amazon lately? Since when did they come in such fancy packaging? I turned it to one side: Kindle Paperwhite. And then it hit me.

Oh my god. I sat on my bed, stunned. Holding the box. Eyes wide open. Mouth open. And then I started laughing. Mad happy laughing. Surprised amazed laughing.

My mum looked round the door and saw me sitting there, frozen with a ecstatic grin, holding something black in my hand. She raised her brows, like: what? What’s there to be so happy about?

And I just kept saying “It’s a Kindle! A Kindle!”, waving the box around. Like a kid with candy.

And because I was so dazed and happy, I totally gave up the notion of repacking my bag and just took everything along. In case I missed something I’d need.

My mum didn’t quite get why I was so happy even after I explained to her what it was. But of course it wasn’t just about what it was, but more about who gave it to me, and how it was done.

Seriously. I love being surprised.

So I smiled through Sunday, like I struck the lottery. Bought my first book on Monday, finished it on Tuesday. And I’m on to the next one. Already.

Goodness knows how long it has been since I read so much. It helps of course that I am currently fascinated with Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series, who is (to me) like a current day Sherlock Holmes. With an attractive package. And available to women. Sigh.

I digress. Hahahaha.

Well anyway… if you come across a good book, and feel the great need to share, feel free to send it to me as a gift. 😛 My birthday happens to be round the corner too, #justsaying.

Right now I’m keenly waiting for Neil Gaiman’s Ocean At The End Of The Lane. It will only be out in summer.


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